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Pocket Protector and Heels Why You Should Date a Female Engineer Cons Sometimes he/she has the personalityof a protractor He/she makes obscure jokes about Star Trek,the periodic table, and other strange things you dont want to know about AND he thinks thats romance in unnessary Wont buy anything without completing acost/risk analysis When he does talk, you may have ahard time listening He/shes a dork Notoriously frugal. She is an artsy, but a hell of a smart one at that. ", it really throws him off because he didn't put it in his routine for the day! I told my mom about this once, and she was the one who pointed out the yes or no thing out. Nov 24, 2014. For whatever reason, one of the top questions people ask Google that lead to this blog is "why should you date a female engineer". So curious.

Dating advice for women engineers Engineer Blogs Engineers need to marry with other engineers/tech people. I am totally emotional with my girl and love her to death. If you ask you engineer a yes or no question about something he hasn't thought about that day, like, "Would you like to have dinner with me around 7pm? Jul 12, 2012. However, it was also very guy-centric, and I wondered what sort of dating advice mht be useful for female engineers which, the video says.

Why Do the Smartest Women Have the Toughest Time Dating. Intellence is a dictator and if your not on the same mental level with them, then you would have these problems. This is a source of constant frustration for me in my relationship, because I'm a direct person. Mar 18, 2010. A smart woman wants to date a smart man, since men less intellent than her. Dr. Ali Binazir Happiness Engineer; Author, “Tao of Dating”;.

Do Female Engineers Intimidate Men? EngineerChic I come from a family of 14, and being selfish is something I do not understand. As a nurse, she asks patients simple questions all the time. My mom turned and gave me a secret smile when she was finished. I love him, but man, it gets old doing this 10 times a day! Mar 19, 2013. This is what most young, female engineers feel they need to do to attract. single or dating instilled by our conservative mothers and embrace.

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Female Engineer Pic - Pinterest But alas, I do agree that this is a common problem, from my own personal views! She said she's gotten to the point she can pick out which ones are engineers in less than 5 minutes into the consultation based on the way they answer her. Here is a verbatim transcript: Mom: Would you like to have dinner with us tonht? Mom: Well, it would be around 6, and we'd be having green beans, and mahi, etc. This can also be a source of amusement when he is confronted by salespeople in public : D Engineers also justify everything when questioned, and they'll keep going no matter how illogical their answers get. Engineer humor. A geek mht think this too. My engineering teacher ones compares a glass of beer with power, the glass was the seemingly power, the foam.

Women and Men DO NOT marry/date an Engineer. - Discussion on Topix But please, marrying with each other wont solve this issue. I agree that some engineers are selfish, rude, and emotionless, but exceptions do exist! He's intellent, yet interesting, funny, kind, and loving. My boyfriend is an engineer and he's such a sweetheart to me. It's frustrating, but he's a good guy so I try to stick it out. I agree that some engineers are selfish, rude, and emotionless, but exceptions do exist! He's intellent, yet interesting, funny, kind, and loving. I agree that some engineers are selfish, rude, and emotionless, but exceptions do. I'm a female engineer and I ONLY date other engineers.

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